Guaranteed Mortgage Approval Bad Credit

Do any lenders offer a guaranteed mortgage approval for bad credit application?

This is something we are often asked by our clients. Unfortunately, there are no mortgage lenders who will guarantee to approve a mortgage. This is the same for both high street lenders and adverse credit lenders.

Below are some tips on how to avoid being declined for a mortgage when you have bad credit:

  1. Check your credit report and ensure it is accurate. If there are any errors in the report contact the company concerned and attempt to resolve the issue before applying for a mortgage
  2. Check you meet the lender’s affordability criteria, many lenders will allow you to check affordability using their online calculators on their website
  3. Ensure you meet the lender’s adverse criteria, after reviewing your report you should know be aware of what is showing on your report and should be able to check with the lender to see if they will lend to you.
  4. Seek expert advice from a qualified whole of market mortgage adviser


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How long after being bankrupt can I apply for a mortgage? 

The effects of being bankrupt can last a long time, but how long do you need to wait until you can apply for a new mortgage?

Like any negative credit blips on your credit file, it makes it very difficult to obtain a mortgage when you have been bankrupt.

Most High Street lenders will not consider your application if you have been bankrupt within the last 6 years.

In the adverse market, lenders are more forgiving, many will consider lending 3 or  4 after your discharge date.

Currently, we even have lenders who will consider an application 12 months after the discharge date.

Having a bad or poor credit history will typically mean you will need a larger deposit. If you have previously been bankrupt it is likely the lender will ask for between 15% to 40% down.

If need any help obtaining a mortgage after being bankrupt speak to a mortgage advisor who, like us, is an expert in this field.

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How much can i borrow on a bad credit mortgage?

Mortgage Calculator

At Plus Financial  Solutions we hear this question every day. The maximum you can borrow is generally between 4.5 to 5 times your income depending which lender you are looking at. Most lenders will deduct your monthly credit commitment before looking at income multiples and then check against their own affordability calculations.

Each lender will have different maximum borrowing figure if you stick to around 4 times your income (minus monthly commitments) you shouldn’t be too far off. The affordability checks are normally very similar with adverse (poor credit) lenders to the high street lender. You can try using one of the online calculators with Nationwide or Natwest to give you a more accurate figure or speak to a qualified mortgage broker who will be able to guide you.

In addition to the above, some lenders may be willing to lend slightly more if you choose to go onto a 5 year fixed rate.


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